F50 (B.A.D.) : Flagship product of the range


CA 005 F50 02 Copie


Thanks to its high initial Fluidity (flowing product), the F50 can easily be poured inside any kind of part, be it very small (internal diameter up to 0,1 mm) or medium in size.
The final impression is Semi-Flexible (50 Shore A hardness), and has no strong capacity to be deformed and strectched. It only accepts 10% Removal Constraint.

That is why the F50 is recommended for taking impressions of low complex forms, but also for partial impressions of threads or internal grooves.

It is also highly effective to create protections, caps ans masks againts surface treatments.

The impression has a shape-retention memory, and returns to its original form after being removed. All details (dimensions, forms, surface finish...) are reproduced to a precision better than 1µm.


The F50 is suitable for the following applications :
- Dimensional Control of Internal Simple Forms
Dimensional Control of Internal low Complex Forms

It can also be used for :
- Protection and Masking of parts


The F50 impression can be controlled without contact, using a visual measuring instrument (profile projector, microscope, optical measuring instrument...), especially by using the PLASTIFORM® Twin Blade Cutter.
But it can also be measured with contact, using a low-pressure caliper, or any other measuring instrument for flexible materials.


  The F50 is available in the following packagings :


  - Pack of 8 Cartridges (CA-005)
  - Pack of 2 Cartridges (CA-005-2)


  - Case "Accessories with Cutter" + 8 Cartridges of F50 (ML-201 + CA-005)
  - Case "Accessories without Cutter" + 8 Cartridges of F50 (ML-301 + CA-005)

Technical Properties

  • Technical Properties:

    Initial Consistency : Fluid

    Final Consistency : Semi-Flexible

    Hardness : 50 Shore A

    Curing Time : 8 minutes

    Removal Constraint : 10 %

    Elongation to Failure : 20 %

    Accuracy of the impression : µm

    Cut with Twin Blade Cutter : Yes