P80 Ra (R.G.X): Special roughness Ra


CA 009 P80 02 Copie


With its Pasty initial consistency (non-flowing product), the P80 Ra can be applied on vertical or overhead surfaces.
The final impression is Semi-Rigid  (80 Shore A hardness), and cannot be deformed and strectched. It does not accept any Removal Constraint.

The P80 Ra has been specially developed for indirect Roughness Control. The product perfectly copies the surface roughness Ra and Rz, which can be measured with a Surfacemeter directly on the impression.

The impression has a shape-retention memory, and returns to its original form after being removed. All details (dimensions, forms, surface finish...) are reproduced to a precision better than 1µm.



The P80 Ra is suitable for the following applications :
  - Roughness Control Ra and Rz
  - Impression of external simple forms

Measurement of the impression

Because the impression is semi-rigid, it can be controlled with or without contact, using a traditional measuring instrument (profile projector, caliper, microscope, surfacemeter…).
But the best way to control it is to use the PLASTIFORM® Twin Blade Cutter to create a slice, and measure the dimensions of the slice on a profile projector.


The P80 Ra is available in the following packagings :

CARTridges 50 ml

- Pack of 8 Cartridges (CA-009)
- Pack of 2 Cartridges (CA-009-2)

Custom-made large kits

- Case "Accessories with Cutter" + 8 Cartridges of R.G.X (ML-201 + CA-009)
- Case "Accessories without Cutter" + 8 Cartridges of P80 Ra (ML-301 + CA-009)

Technical Properties

  • Technical Properties:

    Initial Consistency : Pasty

    Final Consistency : Semi-Rigid

    Hardness : 80 Shore A

    Curing Time : 6 minutes

    Removal Constraint : 0 %

    Elongation to Failure : 8 %

    Accuracy of the impression : µm

    Cut with Twin Blade Cutter : Yes