P35 (S.O.F.T): Pasty product, Flexible impression


CA 008 P35 02 Copie


With its Pasty initial consistency (non-flowing product), the P35 can be applied on vertical or overhead surfaces.
The final impression is Flexible  (35 Shore A hardness), and can be deformed and stretched during removal. It accepts up to 20% Removal Constraint.

The P35 is used for taking sectorial impressions of external complex forms : T-slots, grooves, notches...

The impression has a shape-retention memory, and returns to its original form after being removed. All details (dimensions, forms, surface finish...) are reproduced to a precision better than 1µm.


The P35 is suitable for the following applications :
  - Sectorial external impression of complex forms

It can also be used for :
  - Sectorial external impression of simple forms 

Measurement of the impression

Because the impression is soft and very flexible, it is controlled without contact, using a visual measuring instrument (profile projector, microscope, optical measuring instrument...). 

But the best way to control it is to use the PLASTIFORM® Twin Blade Cutter to create a slice, and measure the dimensions of the slice on a profile projector. 


The P35 is available in the following packagings :

CARTridges 50 ml

- Pack of 8 Cartridges (CA-008)
- Pack of 2 Cartridges (CA-008-2)

Custom-made large kits

- Case "Accessories with Cutter" + 8 Cartridges of P35 (ML-201 + CA-008)
- Case "Accessories without Cutter" + 8 Cartridges of P35 (ML-301 + CA-008)

Technical Properties

  • Technical Properties:

    Initial Consistency : Pasty

    Final Consistency : Flexible

    Hardness : 35 Shore A

    Curing Time : 8 minutes

    Removal Constraint : 20 %

    Elongation to Failure : 57 %

    Accuracy of the impression : µm

    Cut with Twin Blade Cutter : Yes