M70 (LK-AD): The N°1 Malleable Putty


MT 003


With its Putty initial consistency (modelling clay), the M70 can be applied manually on vertical or overhead surfaces.
The final impression is Semi-Flexible (70 Shore A hardness), and has no strong capacity to be deformed ans strectched. It only accepts 5% Removal Constraint.
The M70 is recommended for taking impressions of external simple forms on parts of large or medium sizes.

It can also be used to create custom-made fixing platforms to fix and maintain fragile or complex parts.


The M70 is suitable for the following applications :
- External impressions of simple forms
Fix, Clamp and Maintain parts


Because the impression is soft and very flexible, it is controlled without contact, using a visual measuring instrument (profile projector, microscope, optical measuring instrument...). 

But the best way to control it is to use the PLASTIFORM® Twin Blade Cutter to create a slice, and measure the dimensions of the slice on a profile projector. 


  The M70 is available in the following packagings :

  PotS 900 ml

  - 2 pots of 450 ml (MT-003)

  Mini Kit 90 ml

  - 2 pots of 45 ml + DN1 (KD-103)

  Complete Cases

  Case "Complete Solution"(ML-040)
  - Case "Internal & External Simple Forms"(ML-041)

Technical Properties

  • Technical Properties:

    Initial Consistency : Malleable

    Final Consistency : Semi-Flexible

    Hardness : 70 Shore A

    Curing Time : 4 minutes

    Removal Constraint : 5 %

    Elongation to Failure : 15 %

    Accuracy of the impression : µm

    Cut with Twin Blade Cutter : Yes